Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Information Report about Polar bears

Over the years we have had many different types of animals,  that have been imported into New Zealand such as Polar Bears from Britain and Ireland. These creatures look similar to other bears but instead of living in the forest where it’s warm and sunny, Polar bears prefer to live in cold habitats. Best of all their favorite food also lives in these cold places. Did you know scientist discovered that 50 years ago there was over 20,000 - 25,000 Polar bears living in Arctic?  

Firstly to understand what is the difference between a normal bear and a polar bear you need to know about a polar bear’s diet and hunting habits. Polar bears enjoy being mainly an carnivores diet but can be known to eat plants on occasion when food is scarce. Being an omnivore it mostly eats seals and beluga whales. Finding food in the Arctic can be difficult, so the polar bears camouflages on the ice platforms and when it spots its prey, using perfect timing, it dives in and use it’s incredible sharp claws to grab the seal.  

While being smart from hiding from the polar bear predators.
Polar bear love eating baby seal but they also have to be careful if the normal seal bite the polar bear hand polar bear will die by the bite so they must be very careful. Although they are smart to lay on the ice since seals are very dangerous. Polar bear are very smart, they like to eat baby seal and the seals like to eat polar bear’s cubs! It is like two types of species  getting revenge on each other.

Usually the re-produce for polar bears starts around March to June, female polar bears start breeding somewhere around April and May. Male polar bear track of female polar bear route sometimes male polar bear travel 100km to find their mate. Polar bear produce 1-4 cubs at a time if lucky then maybe they might have 5-7 but that is very unlikely. When cubs are born they like to hide under the polar bear legs of lays on their back and ride like a horse!  

Overall Polar bears are more unique as you think that are.
They may just be polar bear but they are different to other bear. Now you know what a polar bear is. Go and re-search and check out what is a brown bear different to other bears! You may never know what brown bear can be like?    


Monday, 13 November 2017

Why is the Sky blue

Have you ever stared out your window and wonder what’s above all the blueness?
Well let’s put it this way the sky isn’t blue. Many people don’t realize the sky isn’t blue.
From the day you were born the Sky was always blue but have you ever wonder why it is blue, well today you’re going to get the real answer.

So first to understand how the sky is blue you need to know light isn’t only one colour. While the light looks white, it is actually made up of all the colour of the rainbow, like sound, light travels in waves. There are different colour and the have their own wave sizes. The Sun light enters in a straight line to earth unless something gets in its way to either reflected it or let it bounce off a mirror or something blocks it. Any colour waves is all shorter than red, Did you know takes 8 minute and 20 seconds for the sun’s light to reach earth.

All around the earth surface is called atmosphere, the atmosphere is made up of billion of little oxygen and nitrogen molecules that float around in the sky . As the sun shines into the atmosphere most of the colours that are able to reach to the earth’s surface won’t be able to get stopped or blocked. However, blue light is scattered in all kinds of directions by the tiny molecules of the air in earth than other colours because blue travels in shorted waves. Some molecules will be affected by some of the light on its way to earth .

The blue light then bounces around the atmosphere to make every part of the sky blue. The other colors red orange and yellow also bounces off the molecules but the blue light scattered the strongest and can see the most clearly. Closer to the horizon, the sky fades to a to a light blue or maybe even get to a white. This is because as the light get closer to earth , it has travelled further and the light has been scattered and re-scattered many times in many directions.  This mean the blue waves are the shortest that’s why the sky is blue.



Friday, 29 September 2017

My Letter

Halsey Drive School
106 Halsey Drive
Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern      Auckland
Prime Minister          1042
Freepost Parliament
Private Bag 18 888
Parliament Buildings
Wellington 6160

Thursday 21st September 2017

Dear Prime Minister,

Congratulation on your hard fought and successfully election campaign in 2017, My teacher has been talking about the election in our class and as students we each have our own opinions. Everyone in the class knew all about the 2017 election so we started thinking about the many key issues that have been discussed in this election. Unfortunately we felt like a few things weren’t right. I strongly believe that we should  change the voting age from 18 to 16 years old. I know that you’re going to be a great Prime Minister so I hope you will listen to my thoughts and take some time to consider some changes.

Firstly I agree that young adult  should be able to vote at the age of 16, it’s important that they have a space and choice to say their suggestions for the future. There is a fact that     New Zealand’s population 4.6 million but only 3.5 million people are eligible to vote in NZ, If 16 year olds are allowed to vote surely  there will be more people voting . It is very clear to most parents that they think 16 year olds are way to young. In fact now 16 year olds are now globally aware.
Unlike most previous generations 16 year olds are more up todate with any new  global issues with the latest technology, this allow thase digital natives to be more inform or aware with more information and have better access to the information.

In my opinion I believe that 16 year olds can have a space to vote, people may say 16 year olds are not very sensible but they can get an licences, be home alone, go overseas with their siblings. The time has come for you to give a thought to my ideas,
Your sincerely,

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

WALT Make a dream Jar

This dream is about when I is just having a typical day, I actually want pizza even though I is absolutely think it is swatchscollop. So I prayed for pizza and it magically came out from my over-sized hand. I is so hungry I chomp  it all up in one go it had an phizz-whizzing (Brilliant) crodscollop (Amazing flavor) I is so happy I hit my head and fell asleep. The next thing I could  hear was someone calling me...

By Amelia

WALT Write to year ones

WALT To describe a moment in time

Up high in the sky the large wooden boat drifted slowly towards its destination. The old man, wearing a red bandana, looks out at the fading evening sky.  He wonders to himself about what he is doing up here and how will he ever find what he is looking for. Distracted by the darkening sky, he watches as the glowing pink clouds, which look like fluffy cotton candy, float across the reddening sky. All by himself, it was quiet and peaceful.

By Sahar and Amelia

Monday, 25 September 2017

WALT to make an imovie

I did this work with Sahar, because on Wednesday the 13th September it was Roald Dahl's birthday.
We got an option to choose a few different books me and Sahar chose Charlie and the chocolate factory  

Monday, 11 September 2017

WALT- use repetition


Sorry Miss...
I didn’t mean to break the window.
The sun was in my eyes.
The bat was surprisingly heavy.
and I swear I’m not telling lies.

Sorry Miss...
I swear I hit that tennis ball straight.
But a squawking seagull got in the way.
Making the ball go in the wrong direction.
And now I’m sorry you have to pay.

Sorry Miss...
But did you see the crazy weather.
The lightning struck the window.
Frightening everyone in the playground.
Causing it to shatter and glow.

Sorry Miss…
Pinch me cause I’m dreaming.
A dragon came to life today.
And burnt the window to a crisp
Boy, it must have been having a bad day.

Sorry Miss…
Harold the giraffe went on a rampage.
Meteors struck the school.
An airplane went off course
striking buildings before landing in the pool.

By Amelia,Lujein, Sahar, Nikita, Sebastian and Krish.

WALT- describe a moment in time

WALT Describe a moment in time
  • Present tense
  • Describe what you think, see and feel
  • First person - I, we, my,
  • Descriptive language - adjectives, verbs, similes,
  • Range of sentence starters

On my way to work

(As I stand on the pavement waiting for the crossing light to change…)
(“Come on, come on…” I mutter while I wait for the lights to change…)
(“Morning Bob,” came the deep rumbling voice from beside me..)

Stepping to the crossing waiting for the red light to be lime green. Out of nowhere someone was calling
me, “morning Amelia” turning my head side to side looking around there was no one, the road was empty, only
two cars and just me. “Up here Amelia” raising my head all the way up to the sky “Ohh morning Joe” Joe wasn’t an “normal” person he was very tall hairy body and bright pink toe nails, everyone made fun of him but i didn’t. I put my hand on top of my forehead as the sun starts to burn my eyes. Joe put his case on top of me to g to give me some shade, “Thanks Joe” I notice the logo on his bag “I see you got a new job having you Joe?” “ Yeah I did this is my first day” “Joe I really do miss you it’s very quiet when you're not around” “Too bad Amelia i 'm sorry i’ve moved on”  tick tick tick the green light flicks.
“Bye Joe hope to see you again” “
Take care Amelia” as we walk to the other side of the road and walk our way to work .

Sahar:Well done Amelia i like the way you have included lots of detail.
Next time: Remember to add interesting vocab.

WALT write an narrative

The Fridge…

One day Amy was staying home to doing homework because she wasn’t invited to her sister birthday party, she got an offer to go to grandma’s and have a sleepover there, Amy agreed because she doesn’t want to stay home and do homework all day long.

“Knock Knock” Grandma opened the door Amy gave a big hug and said she was really sleepy so grandma showed Amy her room, Grandma also said in the bedroom there was an indoor library! Amy’s mouth drop wide open as she was really shocked. Grandma said when she was little this was her library and it had all her favorite books, Amy wanted to read all the books that grandma liked when she was little so she sat on the bed and started to read she was in the bedroom for a few hours. “Amy Amy?” as grandma asked if she wanted anything to eat, Grandma told her to help herself to the fridge anytime she wanted. Amy was super happy to make the right decisions to come to grandma's “it's so much fun” she shouted as she joyfully hop down the stairs going into the kitchen. Amy asked if there was any ice cream grandma said yes but you need to wait after dinner for that so Amy wanted some home made leave over pasta as she opened the fridge’s door...  

Leaning towards the fridge looking for the pasta Amy suddenly got picked up, losing her balance she was floating, swing her up arms round and round she yelled “GRANDMAA HELP” Grandma didn’t hear her. Amy was tired of yelling and tired, without a sound Amy found herself shrinking smaller and smaller she closed her eyes she was annoyed of what had happen today she keep saying “it’s just a dream wake up Amy wake up Amy” She keep repeating and repeating that phrase. When she woke up she was really cold “What a crazy dream “ she hit her head “wait a minute” Amy said “this isn’t my bedroom or one of grandma room” “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” I’M IN THE FRIDGE! As her hand mushed into the saucy pasta “EWWW” Amy shouted she wanted to wash her hand so she went oh wait she realized she can't she in the fridge! Banging on the fridge’s door she yelled GRANDMA, she absolutely hated the fridge she ate all the pasta and had some juice, All she wanted was to get out, she wondered if grandma would notice her missing for awhile.  

Emma had been in the fridge for a large amount of time half of the fridge was empty just dirty plates and bowls. Emma yelled again but she couldn’t her lip were purple she had lost her voice. “Amy Amy Amy” Disappointedly she said “ I need to think fast how to get out of here” “I have a life to live not being stuck in a fridge” she furiously shouted.
Nothing came out of her mouth since she had lost her voice. Afterward Amy had an idea she jump down to the bottom layer of the fridge and squeezed herself through the seal of the fridge. “BANG” as she fell on the kitchen floor         

Pulling herself up from the floor.
Everything looked dizzy,
She saw Grandma coming close “Oh dear what are you doing on the  floor? “Nothing grandma” Amy replied,
Standing up from the floor “Oh okay then I want Bread in the fridge” as Grandma bend down to the fridge
“No no no no no” you don’t want to go into that fridge” Amy blocked the fridge out of Grandma.
“You know what let's have a cup of tea” (Sitting down talking with grandma) “Dear I know I’ve been stuck in the fridge before too the fridge will take the people who is young” Amy had no words to stay but… (What would grandma say to Amy…)